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Sourcing the World's Finest Beans since 2006


At Keffa Coffee, we believe in a coffee experience transcending the ordinary. We take great pride in sourcing our coffee beans from the most exceptional regions and delivering them straight from the farm to your roaster. Our selection of coffee beans is not just different but also of superior quality. We carefully choose each bean for its unique flavor profile, ensuring that every cup of coffee you enjoy is an exceptional experience.

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A palette of heirloom elegance; floral whispers meet citrus zest, embodying Yirgacheffe's ancient, verdant lands.

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From Santa Ana's volcanic embrace, a duo of tradition and innovation—where bourbon meets pacas in a dance of silky chocolate and vibrant fruit.


A symphony of Sidama's natural beauty; dark chocolate notes layered with subtle nuttiness, a balance of medium acidity and body, echoing the rugged terrains of Anferara.



A testament to cooperative spirit; Sumatra's earthy tones, wrapped in the complexity of chocolate and dried cherries, grounded by the collective dreams of Arisarina.



A versatile canvas, Sidama's GR 4 natural process—dark chocolate and a hint of nuttiness, adaptable, ready to blend or stand alone.



A decaf that refuses to whisper; crisp apple meets honey and lemon in a lively ode to Oromia's mountain water miracle.


Keffa Coffee, rooted in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, bridges tradition and passion in every cup. Founded by Samuel Demisse, we champion direct, sustainable connections with producers to deliver exceptional coffee experiences. Join us in celebrating a legacy of quality, community, and the global journey of coffee.


  • Where do you source your coffee?
    Our coffee is sourced from all over the world. Drawing on decades-long relationships, we work closely with our partners to make sure each coffee we import is up to our standards. Through these close connections, we can improve processing methods, export sorting and bringing coffees to the level of Zero Defect. We are deeply invested in and committed to the growth of the specialty coffee community. Our top priority is supporting and sustaining the people behind the beans by working with origin partners who pay higher than average wages, and who treat workers fairly. Each coffee available on our site is featured on our offerings page where you can see the coffee's location, tasting notes, and more!
  • Do you provide sell coffee?
    Yes, we do! Our decaf coffee is available to review and sample on our offerings page!
  • What are the coffee profiles of your coffee selection?
    We offer a wide range of different coffees which all vary in profile and tasting notes. You can take a look at the tasting profile of each coffee by clicking on the product of your choice to review individual coffee details in depth on the offerings page.
  • How can I order samples?
    To request a coffee sample, simply fill out the request form on the 'request sample' page where you can select multiple coffees of your choice. We would love to. send you any coffee you'd like to try, green or roasted!
  • How do I place an order?
    Get in touch with us by sending an email to From there, someone on our sales team will contact your directly for next steps.
  • What payment methods do you take?
    We take all sorts of payment methods including wire transfer, credit card, or check.
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