Every cup of coffee brewed is impacting lives globally. Keffa Coffee is committed to growing community and improving the livelihoods of every person involved in producing our coffees. We focus on the needs of our partners - specialty growers, mill owners, exporters at origin, and roasters - all of whom share our commitment and passion for outstanding coffee. Our strong relationships at origin and direct sourcing approach ensure that our coffee is procured from fairly treated, and fairly paid workers. Even as the market fluctuates and coffee prices rise and fall, our farmers and picker's wages stay consistent. We pay 3 times more than the average wage to the women who sort our beans. Paying higher wages allows women to send their children to school and creates a higher quality of life for their whole family. Pictures from the farms are always available upon request and we are always happy to discuss origin and production with our customers.
Beyond the farms and mills, we work with transport companies who specialize in handling green coffee. This ensures the product preserves great quality all the way to the roastery. Our team works hard to seek the most competitive shipping rates by comparing companies and customizing the best shipping option for each client. We are continuously adapting innovative ways to maintain freshness and enhance quality from the origin to your roastery.