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Keffa Coffee is a company of good people, and great coffee. Keffa Coffee's top priority is quality coffee. We have been importing the best Ethiopian coffees since 2006, and we continue to maintain our high standards of Grade 1 specialty coffee imports as we expand to Sumatra and El Salvador. We also understand that quality coffee requires more than just coffee, here at Keffa we are committed to supporting and sustaining the individuals behind the beans and offering our customers the very best in customer service. Only the best beans graduate to become Keffa Coffee.

We believe in small businesses, working hard, and growing big. Having built Keffa from the ground up, we understand every new business needs someone to believe in them. We love working with roasters of all sizes, brand new and well established.

We offer warehousing in three locations across the United States: Baltimore, MD., San Leandro, CA., and now Kansas City, MO. This allows for quicker transit times, the lowest shipping fees, and the freshest coffee. We never charge holding or warehousing fees as a convenience for our customers.

Established in 2006 by Samuel Demisse, Keffa Coffee is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Samuel was born and raised in Ethiopia, in the small town of Agaro. At a young age, Samuel learned coffee and the coffee industry from his father.